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We understand that one’s ability to change and adapt to new circumstances and situations is directly connected to their ongoing success. Some changes, like improving skills, are technical and can be effectively addressed with training. However, changes in mindset, or adaptive change, are best addressed with one-on-one or group coaching. Group coaching specifically brings individuals and communities together in a very powerful way.

That’s the reason why we have developed a new program combining training and coaching to help companies nurture their best talents and be on this exciting growth journey together! We believe in the power of group coaching and we find that it can be integrated and connected to various changes and other group initiatives.

Join us to accelerate your organization’s agility, productivity and leadership capabilities.



*Manager level and below

Ready to transform your mindset, and unlock your leadership potential? The Developmental Sprint® is applicable to companies and organizations across sectors and business models. Any person at any level of any organization that needs to make adaptive changes can experience measurable results in a short period of time with this program. It is specifically designed to quickly address this situation and help people change. Participants are guided to identify their own blind spots and self-defeating thinking, and rapidly overcome the barriers to their personal development and growth. 

Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to SMEs and fast-growing startups. The structure of aSprint is flexible and can be customized to fit the needs of a specific group. 

Sample Developmental Sprint® Program included: 

Pre-Work: Get clear on business and personal goals 

Week 1: Launch workshop 

Week 2-5: Experiments and Coaching, Peer Coaching Groups, 1:1 Coaching/Coaching Office Hours 

Week 6: Closing Workshop
Debrief with HR/Management/Team lead 

e-Tool: 1-year subscription


No matter what stage you are at in your career, a great coach can always take you further! Coaches can help you see your blindspots, open your mind for new ideas, to see possibilities and potentials – they bring out your inner power, strengths and clarity to transform you to the next level of leadership and brilliance. 

1:1 coaching is a collaborative partnership with the focus being on you. On the proactive pursuit of challenging your life and career, coaching can help develop personal capabilities, interpersonal skills, and capacity to understand and empathize with others. Coaching sessions can be done via video conference or phone on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, with email/txt support throughout the week. It takes determination and a strong commitment to execute on the improvement goals set for you. We are so excited and cannot wait to help you transform into the best version of you.



You have read the best selling book, Dear Accountant, and listened to all of the podcast episodes – who would have thought accounting careers can be so much fun, right!? Accounting is like a complex giant puzzle – it presents so much excitement and possibilities, yet it can also be confusing and nerve wrecking while navigating the many career options alone. This interactive book club version of Dear Accountant workshop is designed to engage audiences to discuss the real meaning and purpose of the accounting profession that we proudly serve. There are so many cool ways to be an accountant, to have a fulfilling accounting career and make a meaningful impact in the world – let’s get on this adventurous ride with Cece!



What makes accounting and finance professionals cool and unique are not only your superb number and analytical skills – what differentiates you as a well versed professional are the essential life skills that you have, to be able to lead, adapt and thrive in life and in your career. We have designed interactive workshops led by our expert coaches that cover topics such as Personal Finance, Managing Yourself (Self Leadership), Intersectionality and Cross Cultural Competence to help you build confidence and competence, so you can be more strategic and intentional in your personal and professional life. Contact us to learn more about the many workshops and topics we offer. Let’s learn and grow together!



CFO Strategy Days is one of our signature training programs. Our clients have also found this to be one of the most efficient and effective services we offer.  Depending on your organization’s unique needs, it can be custom-designed as strategy sessions with your executive team (or first time Finance Executive or Controller); or as training with your accounting and finance team; or a combination of both.  We take an immersive dedicated 1-on-1 approach to conduct our session, and take an intensive deep dive into your company, or accounting and finance team, to identify strengths, weaknesses, risks and opportunities, and strategize a roadmap for business growth.  Our CFO Advisor(s) will be there the whole way to guide the discussions – think of it as a whiteboard session, a chance to get everyone focused to collaboratively brainstorm solutions on critical challenges and opportunities.  CFO Strategy Days are offered virtually or in-person in the duration of ½ day, full day and 2 days.

Please contact us for further details and info; and/or schedule a call with us to explore the best ways we can serve your company!

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