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Your business can grow further. You are made for more. That’s the heart of an entrepreneurial business, and you can stay true to that heart no matter how big you get.

But as you grow, you’ll need new opportunities to take your company to the next level. They might include financing, loans, or partnerships. They might even lead to a purchase or an IPO. Whatever direction you take, your books and workflows will need to run like a public company.

That’s what we do at The Entrepreneur CFO—we support your entrepreneurial spirit with the financial structures you need to grow.

Vendor Selection and Vendor Management for Private Equity Firms

As CFO Advisors, we can uniquely relate to some of your challenges as a C-suite executive as we have been there ourselves! We know how many distractions there can be to pull you away from your core mission.  

Recent research study in 2021 has shown that, advisers will continue to outsource to increase financial scale and respond to increased LP demand, regulatory complexities and remote work trend. Selecting audit and tax firms, outsourcing certain functions like accounting and finance (fund administration), compliance and IT for your existing and/or new funds would be beneficial. 

We help support the identification, evaluation and implementation of fund outsourcing decisions through in-depth vendor selection process. It doesn’t stop there – we continue to monitor and evaluate through our ongoing vendor management process to ensure high quality service delivery. Our clients leverage our industry expertise and experiences to build a robust outsourcing infrastructure that afford them to continue to scale up and grow.

CFO Advisory

Strategic Evaluation

Before taking on that exciting big project, we want to help you set a strong foundation.  We start off with a thorough evaluation and analysis of your finances, systems, and workflows. We work closely with you and your team, taking a deep look into your numbers and all aspects of your business operations. At the end, you’ll have a clear vision of your current position, qualitatively and quantitatively, and a complete road map to take your business to the next level.

12-18 Months Growth Plan
Focus on Business Readiness, Audit Readiness or IPO Readiness

In most cases, it takes 12-18 months to implement significant change inside an organization—to change the way we work and change the way we think. The goal of this process is to implement best-in-class processes and procedures, helping you operate like an established, public company.

The transformation is progressive and gradual, with personal coaching for the executive team while implementing these changes. But no two companies are alike. The exact implementation will be unique to your company, depending at least in part on your organization’s size and complexity.

Based on the results of your strategic evaluation, the first 3 months might, for example, focus on setting your vision and goals, building systems and procedures, and structuring your month-end and annual close processes. Each month includes a different primary goal with multiple components. When working on accounting procedures, we might build different types of reports, restructure your charts of accounts, and set up an automated audit trail with appropriate internal controls. In another month, we might focus on your team and your future strategic growth plans and goals. 

One thing is certain: the process will never be dull. At The Entrepreneur CFO, we specialize in transformational opportunities. It’s going to be a journey of excitement punctuated by challenge—but in the end, you’ll meet all of your measurable goals and milestones and be ready to take on the world.

Business Planning and Budgeting

Strategic Business Plan

No matter what stage your business is in, a well thought-out business plan serves as a roadmap to guide you through your entrepreneurial journey with confidence. Whether it is for internal use, specific loan application, or for investors, we take the time to get to know you and your business to effectively develop a custom business plan that meet your needs. We work closely with you on a series of exercises and questions, to dive deeper into some critical questions and come up with insights and solutions. Businesses are volatile, and it constantly put decision making and crisis management skills to test.  A well-written business plan allows you to see the bigger picture, plan ahead, make critical and strategic decision, weather through challenges and be confident about the journey ahead!

Annual Operating Plan and Budget (AOPB)

An Annual Operating Plan and Budget is vital to a company’s success. The strength of a company’s plan is connected to its execution, and it is important to get all key employees who are closer to the business to get involved.  We serve as an independent advisor to work with your team, and empower them to make strategic decisions and achieve goals that’s specific and align to their department and the company – together we help build a strategic plan (company-focused) and/or operational plan (department focused).  The AOPB can be done anytime during the year.  We recommend to do it before year end as it allows you to manage your spend effectively, and take advantage of tax planning strategies in the new year.

Tax Planning and Strategy

This service is only available to existing clients.

Once your CFO advisory is complete and we know your business inside and out, we’ll be more than happy to work with you strategically to save money on taxes. Because taxes can be a significant expense for your business, the value of those tax savings can be a huge boost to your bottom line.

Capital Infusion

The right capital infusion can bring your next-level dreams within reach. But with so many options and structures available, making those choices can be confusing and even costly. At The Entrepreneur CFO, we take the time to understand your business needs and help you identify the best options for your specific situation.

Too many companies suffer through this process, getting lost in the trees and losing sight of the forest. We help our clients look at their business holistically, preparing a loan package with a sound business plan. Our team digs deep, analyzing and finding the best options for your financing structure so your business can grow, get more done, and make more money.

Special Projects

Great businesses aren’t just about the numbers. Strategic advantages also arise from the way a company positions itself to communicate effectively with its customers. They come from organizational design, with strong leadership teams and executive strategies moving the company in the right direction. And they come from making sure your technology is safe, secure, and competitive with the market.

Our collaborative team of specialists is ready to help when you need them.

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