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The Mission

Our mission is to empower growing companies with the right structure and financial insights to make strategic decisions, scale up, and get ready for next level opportunities.

A Team Dedicated to Your Sucess

Our mission is centered around supporting small and growing companies as they navigate the challenges of expanding their business. We believe that by empowering these companies with the right tools and resources, they will be better equipped to make informed and strategic decisions that can help them grow and scale their operations. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing entrepreneurs with the right structure and financial insights they need to succeed. By doing so, we help these companies be ready for the next-level opportunities that will come their way and support them as they reach their full potential.

In house Experts ready to

help and server You

Our financial experts are here to help and serve you, offering tailored support to your specific needs and goals. With a deep understanding of accounting, financial strategy, and market trends, our experts can help you make informed decisions to impact your bottom line positively. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized service and guidance, so you can feel confident in your financial future and make the most of your resources.

Executives and Founders

Cecilia Leung | CPA

Sol Solomon | CPA

Israel Irenshtain

Partners and Advisors

Catherine Flax

Ray Chow | CPA, PCC (ICF)

Financial and Tax Planning

Chuck Burch | CPA, CFP®

Antoine Duncan

Andrew Ku | CPA 

Capital Raise and Financing

Jacob Shaffer

Chris Ferrick