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Our mission is to empower growing companies with the right structure and financial insights to make strategic decisions, scale up, and get ready for next level opportunities.

Insight, Visibility, and Transparency.
How well could your company demonstrate its value to an investor, financier, or buyer?
If you haven’t thought about it, you need to. Now.
Because your big opportunity might be right around the corner.

Exploit Opportunities and Mitigate Risks

You’ve worked hard to get where you are. Business is good. Opportunities are everywhere. Now what? No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, we’ll be your strategic partner, helping you prepare for the next milestone so you can execute your long-term vision.

We offer CFO Advisory services, strategic accounting, and finance expertise & solutions to help growing companies find clarity, insights, and opportunities in their numbers. A lot of business owners are visionaries and charismatic leaders with a strong sense of where they’re going, but either numbers aren’t their strong suit or they have minimal training in using finance and accounting as a strategic resource. At The Entrepreneur CFO, we partner with entrepreneurial firms of all sizes to provide the analytical experts who can help execute their vision.

Through a deep dive analysis of your business, we’ll give you insights about your strengths, weakness, risks, and opportunities. More importantly, we’ll show you how your numbers paint the story of your company—because eventually, whether you’re expanding, exploring partnerships and joint ventures, considering investors or financing, or selling your business, that story will determine your opportunities.

Optimize the Effectiveness of Internal Control, System and Analysis

Most companies have tremendous potential to generate profits. Whether you’re looking to raise capital, get acquired, exit your business, or plan an IPO, investors and financiers want to find well established companies with sound internal control and risk management, the best-in-class financial systems and reporting, well documented processes and procedures, and a clear managing structure in place for numbers and metrics.

Change and Transform your Business and Organization

A well established, well organized, well structured organization has a lot of tangible market value—it gives people confidence in how the organization is run, especially in today’s digital age.. We’re so used to measuring the success of a company in numbers that people don’t always recognize the importance of that organization right away, but the tangible and intangible factors of leadership, processes, people, and systems are all part of that equation.

If your business isn’t ready, responding to sudden opportunities at the last minute will be incredibly costly. Calling on financial advisors, legal advisors, and “expert fixers” increases your exposure to risk and changes your short-term bottom line, leading to a very real drop in confidence from interested parties such as investors, business owners, and teams. Not being able to readily and effectively demonstrate the value of your company ultimately diminishes that value.

Athletes don’t start training the week before the Olympics. They train consistently, throughout the year, to keep their bodies in shape. In the same way, you can’t rush through all the steps of elite financial fitness in the moment the opportunity presents itself. You have to keep your company in the best possible shape at all times.

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